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Kenall Indigo-Clean: Continuous Environmental Disinfection with LED Light

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Kenall Indigo-Clean: Continuous Environmental Disinfection with LED Light
It is well known that healthcare facilities are reservoirs for pathogens to spread. Current environmental disinfection methods only stay active for certain periods of time. Attaining clean room status is generally a short-lived proposition, as harmful bacteria quickly repopulates the space.

Can you believe that the best method for disinfection might be LED lighting? Kenall has introduced a revolutionary new technology, Indigo-Clean, that uses a combination of 405nm Indigo and White LEDs to kill bacteria while providing ambient illumination to the space. Unlike UV light, Indigo-Clean uses a safe, narrow spectrum light to continuously and automatically kill harmful bacteria in the air.

Watch Indigo-Clean lighting work
How Does Indigo-Clean Work?

Indigo-Clean is an environmental disinfection device that is integrated into your lighting. Indigo-Clean is NOT UV light. Rather, it uses 405 nanometer visible light that is safe for both patients and caregivers to kill any bacteria that survives routine cleaning. No special training is needed to implement this technology and it can be fully automated when used with recommended Indigo-Clean IC100 Controls.

The 405nm light emitted from Indigo-Clean reflects off of walls and surfaces, penetrating harmful micro-organisms in the process. The 405nm light targets and excites naturally occurring molecules within the bacteria called porphyrins to produce intra-cellular Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). This process is similar to bleaching, as these ROS create an oxidative environment within the organism which in turn inactives it and prevents it from re-populating the area.

IndigoClean's Visible Light Spectrum
What Does Indigo-Clean Kill

    ESKAPE Pathogens: Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcal Aureus (including MRSA), Klebsiella pneumoniae, Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterobacter species
    Aspergillus niger
    Salmonella enteritidis

Why Are Healthcare Providers Investing in Indigo-Clean?

Clinical testing has shown that Indigo-Clean can continually reduce harmful bacteria in the environment by 70%. This improved cleaning can reduce HAI rates (an HAI being an infection developing as a result of medical care). This means cost-per-patient due to HAI goes down, and results have shown that preventing even a single infection would create a positive ROI and drive down costs for healthcare providers.


Indigo-Clean lights were installed at Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia, TN and have reduced bacteria by 88%. “Although we knew the Indigo-Clean lights would give us substantial results given the thorough research and the studies done on the lights at medical enters across the nation, we were thrilled when our results were even greater than we anticipated.”

New Hospital Henderson Nevada with Indigo-Clean LED Lights

Henderson Hospital installs Indigo-Clean Lighting in all operating rooms for their new construction hospital. “Maintaining a safe, clean environment for our patients is our number one priority. Indigo-Clean safely, automatically and continuously disinfects the environment, which means there is no need for room downtime when it (the operating room) is in use.”
Two Operating Modes w/ Proprietary Controls Make Indigo-Clean Simple to Use

During periods of occupancy, the white disinfection mode provides comfort and visual acuity. Primarily used during procedures and cleaning, white disinfection mode maintains a level of continuous disinfection to harmful bacteria.


After the room has been left unoccupied for a while, the control system will set the Indigo-Clean luminaires to Indigo Disinfection Mode. This ensures that maximum disinfection to harmful bacteria is taking place.

Indigo-Clean fixtures are available in 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4 sizes. All sizes are able to switch between White Disinfection Mode and Indigo Disinfection Mode. Rated for 125,000 hours with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. IP65 rated for wet locations. Standard 0-10V dimming and dual-stage power factor correction driver eliminates flicker. Universal housing for both flange and grid installation. Smooth exterior with gasketed doorframe for cleanability. Antimicrobial finish. Serviceable white LED array utilizes high-quality, ceramic composite, mid-power LEDs and high-power 405nm Indigo LEDs.

Interested in trying out Indigo-Clean LED fixtures at your facility? Request a quote and start saving on energy and cleaning costs.

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